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Quality Pharmacy with affordability Matters

Affordable Pharmacy is key component to achieve Affordable Healthcare


According to Center for Disease Dynamics, Economics & Policy (CDDEP), 63 million Indians are pushed into poverty by health expenses each year—and drugs are the chief cause
According to WHO regional advisor Kathleen A. Halloway, a majority of Indians spend around 70% of their income on medicines and health care
Most of the rural public are not buying the medications as per the prescription given by the clinicians. Single most important reason among the few is affordability

Committed & Concerned to bring affordability

EQFYN life sciences is a commitment from SUITS CARE INDIA initiated in view of serving the middle and lower segments

The team has expertise in pharma management and regulatory affairs, Market research and health sector

It is not difficult to serve the population with affordable pharmacy in a country which is recognised as a pharmacy of the world. All that is needed is commitment to serve the public, not just revenue centric

We are fortunate to manufacture global standard medicines at an affordable rate. Making that medicine reaching the public is becoming a costly affair due to marketing and logistics

At SUITS, we are good at reaching the public and serving their needs. It is not a herculean task for us to make pharmacy affordable and accessible to the needy in rural areas and urban areas as well, yet not compromising on quality and efficacy

Understanding the market needs and taking the clinicians suggestions helping us to orient towards the cause

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